Direcció Territorial d’Alacant

I.E.S. «Fray Ignacio Barrachina»

C/. Sevilla, 4 - 03440 IBI / Telèfon 966527695

e-mail: 03006086@edu.gva.es / www.iesfib.es


 Fray Ignacio Barrachina High School and Valgreen Project


Our High School is Located in Ibi, Alicante. We have a total amount of 490 Students aged from 12 to 18 years old. Covering Secondary Compulsory education, Vocational training Programmes and Baccaulerat. The number of teachers in school is around 50 and we all speak the local language of our community which is Valencian and also Spanish. Valgreen project will be mainly based on seeds’ gathering around the local area. Later, we would take them to our own greenhouse, which is located in the biological station Torretes so as to germinate them and let them grow to reforest the driest areas in Ibi. In order to exchange, we have searched for strategic partnership, high school or European Company that shows both students and teachers how to carry out, in their local area, some of the previously mentioned activities so we are looking for cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices,( Italy, Portugal and Cyprus). By doing this we are trying not only to make people aware of our difficult reality but also to learn new forestation techniques around Europe. In addition, we are looking for the enrichment of all the local institutions that take active participation in the Project with the purpose of stopping desertification. And to provide our students in vocational training programmes with a real formation for a profession in a near future. In this way, they will learn through experience the different techniques and above all we are looking for the learning by doing methodology.