Valgreen European project was born out from the will and curiosity to continue training future professionals who are responsible for the sustainable management of the environment, especially in areas where the global warming and desertification can affect in a determined way the development of societies.

The reason why the project has to be transnational is for learning techniques and methodologies for the reforestation and how they teach their students as an alternative sustainable and from future.

The project is innovative by the following reasons:

  • It is transnational.
  • It is cooperative and it is based in the learning by doing.
  • It is interested in the green economy and green jobs.
  • The aim is to fulfil one of the main environmental risks of the Mediterranean area.

1) Teacher training in Cyprus: Participants 15 (6 local and 9 international). It will be an experiential and practical training in January will last for 15 days.

2) Teacher training in Portugal. Participants 15 (6 local and 9 international) in September will last for 12 days.

When selecting the partners who will participate in Valgreen's project the priority has been given to Cyprus, Italy and Portugal since they suffer from a similar problem in terms of desertification.

Firstly, we hope that FREDERICK UNIVERSITY (Cyprus) will contribute its teaching methods to future professionals who work in the management of the natural environment. The University has considerable experience in European projects related to environmental issues.

Secondly, Escola Profissional do Alto Lima, C.I.P.R.L. (EPRALIMA) (Portugal) has a long experience in European projects such as a quality of agri-food production, water management or local development. It also has experience in training in professional and entrepreneurial skills for its young students.

Thirdly, Istituto Compresivo BARTOLOMEO LORENZI FUMAME (Italy) has more than 1,000 students aged between 6 and 16 .They are part of the national network of «Polo Europeo della Conoscenza».

Finally, IES FRAY IGNACIO BARRACHINA (Spain) has been the promoter of the initiative through its teachers. The centre has experience in European projects and with experienced and very active teachers. It counts with the collaboration of the University of Alicante (Biological station of Torretes-Ibi)